Our beginners course is open for registration

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Our next beginners course is open for registration.

Starting Saturday 17 September 2022 and running for 8 weeks, courses are designed to take attendees to a point where they can wear armour and take part in the regular sessions.

Course classes are 8pm to 10pm on Tuesdays, and 12pm to 3pm on Saturdays. Access the list of all class dates.

The course fee is currently £100 (£70 for students). This includes:

  • all session fees
  • a complimentary shinai (bamboo sword)
  • temporary (3-month) membership of the British Kendo Association

Please note that you will need to have had both your vaccinations to take part. This is a close contact sport and will require you to be in physical contact with both your classmates and the sensai.