Your first session

Where to go

Head towards the East Street entrance to Kendrick School. Press the buzzer on the door to get in.

Someone from the club will be around to meet you outside the gym. We’re usually there from 11:40am (Saturdays) or 7:40pm (Tuesdays) to get changed.


There is very limited parking at the school – the car park is next to The Turks pub – turn right into the gated area immediately before the pub.

If this is full, there are a few other options for local parking:

What to wear

Please wear clothing that is easy to move around in. Sweat trousers or leggings are ideal. There are changing rooms with showers available.

Dark clothing is recommended once you are wearing armour as the dye can rub off.

What to bring

Any outstanding fees

A water bottle

A good spirit and willingness to learn

Paying outstanding fees

Make sure to pay the remainder of your fees. You can do this online before the session or pay in cash on the day.

You should bring:

What to expect

At your first session you shouldn’t expect to be straight into armour! We’ll spend a little time talking about kendo and the expected etiquette during practice. We will then focus on footwork and the basics of how to swing a shinai.

You might be overwhelmed with a lot of information during this session. There’s a lot to take in, but you are not expected to remember it all! It might feel weird or uncomfortable, but we aim to get you more comfortable with the basics of kendo during the course as a whole, so don’t worry.

After the session

After the session we will be going to The Turks pub (Saturday) or the Great Expectations (Tuesday) for drinks to talk about the session and answer any questions you might have.

This is a great place to get to know your fellow Kendoka in a more relaxed environment. It’s commonly referred to as ‘the second dojo’ and we try to go after every session.