Kendo health and safety

It it very important that you take responsibility for health and safety when practicing kendo. The following are guidelines to help make sure you, and the people you are practicing with, are safe.


Please make sure that your:

  • clothing fits correctly and doesn’t cause a trip hazard
  • himo (chords) are correctly tied and tucked away
  • bokken is in good condition with no splintering or chipping
  • shinai is in good condition with no cracks or bends and the
  • tsuru is secure


Please make sure that:

  • your hair does not obscure your vision
  • your finger and toe nails are trimmed
  • remove any jewellery
  • you have told the coach of any injuries
  • any injuries are dressed
  • you have enough space to practice and are not in anyone’s way

Safety of premises

Although the dojo leader and coaches will manage the dojo, it helps if you are aware of what is necessary.  You should help make sure that:

  • the floor area is suitable
  • the ceiling is high enough to swing a shinai
  • there are no obstructions from the ceiling
  • lighting is adequate
  • first aid is available